There is nothing like a great Detox to get your body ready this spring/summer season. We all want to look and feel great, and being able to do it with natural foods and beverages makes you feel even better. We have to look no further than the Village Tea Co. Premium Loose Leaf Teas.

Village tea
“Detox with Tea! Too many cocktail hours can leave your body feeling tired and lifeless and your skin dull and dry.  Keep your body hydrated by sipping one of Village Tea Company's premium loose-leaf blends.  The Organic White Tea is the perfect solution to help gently cleanse the body of toxins, with only a hint of caffeine.  Or try the Rooibos, one of the most concentrated sources of antioxidants in the world, with ZERO calories, and ZERO caffeine.  These teas have been all over NY Fashion Week, Sundance, and the Grammy's as the most popular natural pick-me-up for their award winning taste, health benefits, and focus on eco-friendly packaging. With celeb fans like Kristin Bell, Kelis and James Franco... You can’t go wrong.” (Intern city global).

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