Make your eyes pop!

An easy way to bring out the eyes is with eyeliner. In recent months, gel eyeliners have erupted on the market and now, they are all the rage. These liners last all day without wearing off or smudging and they often come in an array of colours for some added fun!

You might think that these liners are hard to apply, when in actuality, they are foolproof. The only hurdle is choosing a brush; for a finer line, you would pick a thinner brush, for a thicker line, you would opt for a thicker brush.

Here are our favourite gel liners at Toronto Moda:

Bobbi Brown’s award winning gel liner was one of the first on the market. Their gel based formula dries quickly, so work fast! Once it’s on your eyes, it’s there to stay until you decide you want it off. Long-Wear Eyeliner Gel, $25,
Fluidline by Mac is an essential in my make-up case. Applied with a thin brush to the top of the lashline and to the inner lashlines, and you’re eyes are bound to pop! For a bolder effect, use Blacktrack, a jet black; or go for a more neutral look with a softer shade such as Dipdown. Fluidline, $18,

Most recently, Maybelline came out with Eye Studio Long Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. This liner comes with a brush in the package(bonus!). The brush in the package is a thicker brush so it will create more dramatic line. It comes in black, brown, grey and plum.
Eye Studio Long Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, $12,

Quick Beauty Tip: Black is a staple colour when it comes to eyeliner but why not change it up a bit? For dark eyes(dark brown or black), choose a blue or purple hue. It's an easy way to create dimension. Green eyes should go with an eyeliner with a hint of red in it(
possibly Mac’s Fluidline in Rich Ground?). Since green and red are complimentary colours, the red will make green stand out.  Those with fairer skin should use a light brown to bring out their eyes instead of black. Often, the contrast of jet black on fair skin is too harsh.

Those are our picks for gel liners and all the tips for today! I hope this is helpful and most importantly, fun!

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