Avène‏ – Thermal Spring Water

The foothills of the Cévennes mountains, in the lush Orb valley of
southern France, flows directly from Avène thermal spring water source that goes into all Avéne products.

We want all want products to be pure, natural and free of all chemicals. Many people have sensitive skin that react to ingredients in the products we use and sometimes even the food we consume.

It is refreshing to know that there is a product, which uses water that flows from a spring, this is not just spring water, but thermal spring water; meaning the water consistently flows at 25.6° celsius and is an active water that contains anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-irritating properties.

All of Avène’s products contain the Avène thermal waters but here are a few key products we thought to highlight.

Aging shouldn’t be daunting, especially when 20% of Canadians are over 60.They look younger than their mother or grandmother at the same age. Avéne Sérénage is specifically targeted to mature skin. Aging is no longer synonymous with growing old, quite the contrary, ‘living longer’ is synonymous with 'feeling good and serene’. As one ages, they will notice the dryness of their skin, loss of skin density and Cutaneous weakening whereby the skin becomes thinner and atrophied and is easily marked by wrinkles. Avène Sénénage helps to restore density, vitality and comfort in mature skin.

The Avène Thermal Spring Water product line is truly an expert when it comes to sun care. Here’s why: along with offering efficient photo- protection across the entire sun spectrum, it has formulas adapted to sensitive or intolerant skin, a variety of SPF’s as well as textureswith superior cosmetic qualities.

Avène is constantly developing new products to meet the needs of sensitive skin. They are all very reasonably priced but when it comes to skin, we should be taking care of it no matter what the cost, a reasonable price is just a bonus!

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