For those of you who live in the east, L’Oreal fashion week is just beginning, but for those of us who live in the west, Alberta fashion week is coming to a close. This week was full of “up and coming” designers showcasing their work to try to break into the ever changing fashion world, a highly demanding and cut throat industry full of trend setters and has-bins.

The venue for the event was held at the BR& restaurant for the second time, formerly known as the “Banke” this venue was “THE” place to be back in the day. Once the site of a night club the Banke is now a restaurant in downtown Calgary.
Tuesday’s show was an absolute GONGSHOW to say the least! Not only did the show start an hour and an half late, but the intermission was also twice as long as it was suppose to be. All said and done, the shows ran until 10pm, which is a little longer than what it should have been.
The designs were thought out well, but the construction and actual execution of the garments were choppy to say the least. On designer had said “I just finished sewing the dress at 7am this morning”, and for showing a collection, just goes to show how much preparation they put into the details of their garments.
There was one collection that actually stood out to me, Untainted, their collection reminiscent of the forty's wartime period was well put together and thought out. It was the designer to see that night.
Wednesday was a fluffer day, two shows were held, Henry Singer and Ooh La La showed their collections.
I believe that they were unable to find enough designers to actually make an entire week, so they spread out the shows a little bit more than last season.
The head liner for this night was defiantly Madame Wolf, she showed a collection last seasons during fashion week, but this season she managed to put a great show together.
This evening (Friday) should be a fantastic show, House of Nonie is to show this evening, as well as Caitlin Power, Kyle Nylund, Jessica Halabi, and Shelley Kayno/Andy Court.
The events were sponsored by Mode Models, Town Shoes, Murale, United Way, Downtown Calgary, and Calgary Fashion to name a few.
The host this season was Judy Gabrielle, she also hosted last season as well, and again managed to be a complete mess. At one point in the evening she had asked a designer if she had ever shown a collection before, and the designer responded by saying “yes, I showed last year at Alberta fashion week”. To make things worse Judy highlighted the fact that she forgot by saying “and I remember it was an amazing collection”.
With two more nights left here in Alberta for fashion week, they have saved the best for last. Be sure to check back for full details on these shows and more.

-Just Sayin

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