New Year, New Iron

H2pro Presto Flat Iron

Although I have naturally straight hair, ever so often I want to create a polished look with slick straight hair. This look isn't difficult to attain. All you need is straightening balm and a flat iron.

Recently, I came across the H2pro Presto Flat Iron and it works wonders. This iron is unlike any other as it uses Turbo Power Technology that cuts styling time while sealing in moisture. When clamped, it releases bursts of heat while reaching 450°F in a matter of seconds.

I wasn’t sure how this would work on unruly curly hair, so I did an experiment of my own. The subject, my girlfriend, has extremely thick and curly hair – so thick that if you forget to brush it for a day, it will start to turn into dreads. So we tested the H2pro iron out. The results – magic.

The H2pro Presto Flat Iron can manage the unruliest of tresses and make them look healthy and vibrant. Flat ironing hair isn't hard but it's the time factor that usually gets to us. This iron does the trick in less than half the time. Why cut away split ends when you can smooth them away?

The H2pro Presto Flat Iron is pictured above and retails for $180, it can be found at

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