Don't Leave Soap Scum on Your Skin

Winter weather is harsh, it dries out the skin, causing itchy, scaly surface. How often have you washed your face with soap and immediately afterwards, your skin is tight, dry and itchy. The bigger problem happens when you have hard water in your home, why? Soap reacts with calcium in hard water to produce soap scum and when you wash, the soap scum is left on your body. We would not imagine leaving soap scum on any surface in our home and yet many people use soap to wash and unknowingly leave the soap scum on their skin. "The Truth is Clear", use Dove, scum eliminated.

Dove is the answer for your dry skin issues. Dove looks like a bar of soap and that is where the similarity ends. Dove is not harsh on your skin, it is a gentle cleanser with 1/4 moisturizing cream that leaves your skin soft and subtle after every wash. By not stripping the skin of its essential fatty acids, Dove leaves the skin looking healthy, radiant, soft and smoother than soap, after only seven day of use.

Winter is here for another few months, don't ignore the dry skin any longer, fight the cold harsh weather with Dove and make it part of your daily cleansing routine to claim back smooth, radiant and softer skin.

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