Getting Together

Bored this season? Hosting your own party to get this season going is what everyone plans to do, but only few follow through!

Tips for getting it just right this season:

Keep it small. Inviting a close group of friends is the key to a great party. Hit up your local grocery market for appetizers and finger foods, no need for a large dinner with seven course meals.

Board games are all the rage during the Christmas season. I suggest games such as cranium or risk. Games that involve thinking and group work are always good choices. Getting people to work together and problem solve is a great way to have fun!

Playing the right background music! Keep it festive and light. There is no need to blast the music this season, as it is not the reason that you have people over! Keep it soft, the music should just be for ambiance.

Create light conversation! Keep work, religion, and politics at the door. Get everyone involved in the conversation. Inviting people into a conversation by talking about their experiences in relation to others, this is a great way to make people feel comfortable about entering a conversation.

Remember keep it light and fun. Invite close friends, have a light snack and play some games. This season is all about friends and family, so enjoy their company!

-Just Sayin

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