Winter Cozy

Even though we have not totally grasped the idea of wearing the casual hat again (i.e. the Bowler, Fedora, or the Homburg), this winter, like all winters, it is important to be sporting some sort of hat. Hats not only keep you warm, but it also keeps your hair from drying out and losing all of its natural oils. A couple of great stores to check out while your hunting for that perfect hat this winter, are Helly Hanson and Lulu Lemon.

Helly Hanson- known for their winter wear, has some great unisex hats for this winter. Take a gander though their web page, or drop by their store. Priced quite well for winter gear, the H/H brand will keep you warm in the coldest weather.

Lulu Lemon- Taking a note from the winter trend for this year, Lulu Lemon is sporting a cable knit tuque lined with fleece to keep you extra warm this winter. Priced at 58$ their fashionable head gear is at the top of my list.

But whatever you choose to buy, make sure it’s going to be able to keep you warm. Look for linings and check the fit. The last thing that you want is a tuque that doesn’t cover your ears or keep you warm!

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