The Pond's Towelettes - The New Staple

I still remember that big jar of Ponds cream on my mother's dresser. It was never in the bathroom, it was too precious to share, it belonged only to her. It was a staple on her daily beauty routine. For her, Ponds, acted as moisturizer in the morning and make-up remover at night. She was a busy woman. She had a family of five plus in-laws to take care of, things to do, constant on the go.

It was such a comfort when I saw the Pond's Cleasing and Exfoliating Towelettes. The Pond's Cleaning and Exfoliating Towelettes are handy when you are on the go. I too, am a busy woman, unlike my mother, I only had two kids to take care of and no in-laws, thank goodness.

The Pond's towelettes are great for cleansing and make-up removal. They come in two varieties. A cleansing and exfoliating with gentle microbeads and cucumber extract or the Cleansing and Makeup Removing with chamonille and green tea. Both variation of the Pond's towelettes are dermatlogist tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin and are alcohol and oil free. Everything changes so quickly these days, it is good to know that since 1905, over 100 years later, Pond's is only getting better and it is still a staple in my family.

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