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November 23 - Feel Good Launch Party for Yoga Jeans by Second Denim

Say hello to the new 'miracle jean'! With a campaign that celebrates real women who deserve to feel real good, and top-quality denim that flatters all shapes and sizes, it's no wonder that Shopgirls Gallery Boutique (which carries the largest selection of Yoga Jeans outside Quebec) is watching their denim fly off the shelves, and into the shopping bags of overjoyed customers.

Second Yoga Jeans(don't take the name too literally...yes, they are flexible, but this is denim, not yoga pants) hug the curves of the body in any position thanks to denim that is 97% brushed cotton and 3% elastane. The denim also has 92% memory shape, unlike the industry standard of 64%. So you know that feeling at the end of the day when your jeans feel completely stretched out? Adios.

This innovative denim is available in a variety of styles and washes, in low, mid, and high rise, which makes Yoga Jeans appealing to an extremely broad demographic (16-75!). This works out really well for those of us who love to shop with mom, yet fight over which stores to shop in.

I spoke with Ahmad Ktaech, art director extraordinaire, who explained to me how he collaborated with Eric Wazana of Second Clothing, and the Shopgirls owner, Michelle Germain, and manager Ashley Winnington-Ball, to create a campaign that, through humour, illustrated just how good these jeans will make a woman feel.

Check out the the Yoga Jeans by Second Clothing campaign video below and see for yourself. For some of us out there, trying on denim in changerooms is about as much fun as trying on bathing suits in fluorescent lighting. So if buying a pair of Yoga Jeans makes the experience pleasureable instead of painful...I'm in.

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