The Little Black Dress

For this season, Grey is the new Black - so they say.

Replacing the “Little Black Dress” with the “Little Grey Dress”? NO! How absurd! That doesn't quite work. However, Sharon Stone in 1996, over 10 years ago, wore a black Gap t-shirt with her tight black skirt to the Oscars and turned up the heat on the little black dress - mix and match, very clever. The little black dress was made famous by Coco Chanel in the 1920s. Even after 80 years it remains the staple in every woman’s closet - no matter how we try to re-invent it.

Every woman needs at least one little black dress that takes her from day wear to evening wear. By incorporating jewelery and accessories it can work for that special occasion.

The little black dress shouldn't make you file for chapter 11th. The budget of each individual should dictate the price and not the designer label. Affordable little black dresses can be in the hundreds and even thousands when looking at designer labels. Or you can grab one for under $50.00 in retail stores like Forever 21 and H&M, both carries varied styles in well priced ranges.

So ladies, check your closet and if that little black dress is no where to be found, it is time to go shopping!

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