Wii Yoga!

Yoga, here to stay or just a fad? Kids, seniors and everyone in between are catching on. Who would have thought of an interactive yoga game? Nintendo WII did!

Yoga is very popular, not only among the geriatric as is the perception. Many sports enthusiast and celebrities have embraced this ancient practice into their lives. Performing yoga lengthens muscles, helps flexibility and makes you less prone to injuries. Other than the physical benefits of practicing yoga, it also offers mental well being. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress while also balancing the body. It also helps with improving sleep, concentration and it even elevates ones energy levels.

WII Yoga provides both physical and mental practice. There is a trainer who guides the player through the skillfully designed yoga routines that provides an authentic yoga experience. It analyses and grades the performance of the student, which can be daunting at times. The game is not as simple as one believes and consists of various levels from beginner to advance. The game appeals to both the beginner yogi and more advanced yogis as well!

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