Paper Shoes - Cooler than you think!

The Bata Shoe Museum - Today until December 31 '09
Starting today until the end of the year, Thierry Agnone has his paper shoe exhibit at the Bata Shoe Museum - Yes, I said paper shoes! This exhibition is phenomenal in the sense that when you hear paper, you think simplistic, when in actual fact his shoes are anything but.

"Lately I have only worked on women's shoes made from paper. This is not because paper is an affordable medium, but instead to underline the fragility and lightness of women's shoes. I want to convey the message that shoes are not only a utilitarian object but also a symbolic one. Faily tales, princes stories and magic lands." Thierry Agnone creates pieces of art that are so delicate yet detailed. The Bata Shoe Museum (for those that have never been) is a museum with over 4,500 years of shoes. Some shoes are beautiful, some are unwearable. But they are all unique and bring to light the importance of this piece of clothing that we sometimes put little thought into. This exhibit is truly unique - really, how often do you see shoes made out of paper?

Paper sculptures by French artist Thierry Agnone on view at the Bata Shoe Museum until December 31, 2009 © 2009 Thierry Agnone.

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