Men are quickly evolving..are you in with the times?

Tina here! I don't normally write about men's fashion, grooming..
men's anything really, but I was at an FGI event yesterday, FGI Boys and Toys: Targeting the Male Consumer, that sparked my mind and had me thinking and aching to get in front of a computer. It was about marketing to men and changes in gender roles. Here goes...

There was an era when the women were seen doing all household duties and the men were the ones bringing home the bread and butter, but times have changed. Mad Men(pictured above) is a television series set in the 1960’s about an advertising agency and the life of Don Draper, an advertising executive in NYC. After watching the show, you notice the differences in gender roles between then and now.

Men are becoming more intricate than before; looking for the techs, specs and finer details. Sex, which seemed like the most logical way to capture a man’s attention, isn’t as effective as before. So what now? How do you(all the mister’s out there) stay true to the times?

Remember when a few years back it was embarassing to be a metrosexual(a man that puts effort into grooming, fashion and aesthetics)? Not anymore. The term metrosexual is now accepted and women love men who take care of themselves(I cannot emphasize the word l
ove enough).

But if you’re a guys guy, you might not know where to start. It’s okay to look to the women in your life for a heads up on skincare, fashion and grooming but you can also do it yourself.

Step #1 - Do some homework. The internet is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to get information. Google “men’s skincare”, “men’s grooming”, "men's fashion" - or read some of the other entries on this blog under the Men's section

Step #2 - Try out samples. We are always getting samples from street promos, gift bags and some stores offer samples too. Give them a try. If you find something that works, go with it!

Step #3 - Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s okay to go to a cosmetic counter or a sales associate and ask for help (don’t roll your eyes at me!). You won't be seen as “less manly”, actually it's quite the opposite. Like I said before, women l
ove men who take care of themselves.

Whether it be fashion, grooming or skincare – put some effort in, trust me it will pay off. If you're male and feel lost check out our Men's section 
or just email us! Catch me at or Calvin(our Men's Fashion and Grooming Specialist) at

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