Feeling Fresh- Men’s Body Wash

Now, it is my understanding that men put very little thought into what goes onto their body when they jump into the shower! I, up until recently only used bars of soap to lather up my Greek god like body. That is until recently, I was introduced to the many different brands of body wash. Now given, I will probably still use the regular bar soap if that is all that is available, but I am a lot more conscious when it comes to how my skin feels after a shower.

I myself have very dry sensitive skin that usually feels less than satisfactory for a god like body, until I was introduced to Gillette’s new Hydrator and Body Wash. No joke, my skin felt so friggin' fresh, it was like I had been pampered with baby powder. My skin has NEVER felt so good. For 6$ this product is an absolute must buy for men, and luckily enough while you are picking up your body wash, make sure to swing by and pick up the loofah by Gillette as well. Two great products that work to keep your body fresh all day long.

If that doesn’t work for you… and you want something less drug store-ish, as they say in the industry… or at least in the alley behind my house, you can also try the Active Body Wash by Lab Series. This product has become a favorite for the white collar working man. Now I have only seen this product sold at Sephora and Holts but it is formulated with electrolytes and concentrated aloe that refreshes, recharges and renews the skin’s appearance. Full of electrolytes, this active body wash is odorless and leaves the skin smooth to the touch.

The third body wash is by Billy Jealousy, called Ocean Front. Now this body wash is not for everyone, it's floral scent is strong coming out of the bottle but, dont worry, it does not last on the skin. It leaves no residue or sticky feeling on the skin, which is what we liked. It has Vitamin E and Ginseng to nurish the skin, and is suppose to leave you smelling like someone could devour you!

These are just three of the many brands available to men these days, and whatever your choice whether it be bar soap or body wash, if your skin does not feel smooth and healthy maybe it is time to invest in a new brand. We suggest Gillette or Lab Series.

Give it a try.
-Just sayin

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