Men = Clean?

Skin Care! It has become a large interest for men over that last several years. From just using moisturizers or a full line of shaving products, men have given more thought into caring for their skin. A recent report has shown that over seventy percent of men now use some sort of moisturizer on their skin daily. What is even more interesting is that they feel branching out into other products would not be such a bad thing!

And why not? Today there are enough products on the market to please men of all types, those with sensitive skin, oily, rough skin, and those who break out from allergic reaction.

As the new appointed beauty advisor for TorontoModa I am going to give men the inside scoop on affordable products for everyday use… and then some. Because why should men be seen as greasy grungy people. So stay tuned because things are going to get real clean.

-Just Sayin

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