“Imagine a world where there will be no abuse on children, girls and women.”

Gift of Hope - October 17 2009 7pm

Fashion is too often seen as pretentious and unnecessary. I find this to be naive. Fashion is very powerful. It has the ability to make a person feel incredible and sometimes invincible. Fashion can also be used as a fundraising tool.

On October 17th 2009, Women and Girls of the World will be launching project "Gift of Hope," where an eco-fashion show will bring awareness and raise funds to aid girls living in the streets of the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently dubbed "the World's Most Dangerous Place for Women and Girls."

This is an event where all the proceeds will go directly towards to Gift of Hope Project, which seeks to provide permanent shelter for young mothers living on the streets with their babies. "Elegance and education" are the key words of this evening. Please come out and support the cause. Tickets are $25 in advance and can be purchased online at Eventbrite.com and WomenandGirlsoftheWorld.org.

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