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Lucky Tiger is a premium line of men’s grooming basics that stands for a time when men were sophisticated, slightly devilish, impeccably presented and ready for anything. The idea that separates Lucky Tiger from other brands is that its appeal is based on a mindset, not an age group.

The brand which was established in the mid 1930’s is making its comeback. With a full line of products, and once the most popular barbershop brand in North America, this premium men’s grooming line is for men who understand what it takes to be successful. They are of any age and of all walks of life. Smooth and charismatic like Sinatra in his Vegas heyday, or Sean Connery’s regal James Bond, these men are up-market with a premium sensibility.

Although I have not had a chance to get out and try the brand myself, I understand that each product is made from the highest quality natural, organic ingredients like jojoba leaf, elderberry and green tea for a natural, healthy glow. I would advise readers that if you are interested in the brand take caution. Most brands have a distinctive smell to their products which, to some people can be a turnoff.

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