Secret Tease - SKYY Vodka's Surprise Stunt

When we heard about an event called Secret Tease and were left with nothing aside from an address and time, naturally, our curiosity was piqued. 

Last night at 8pm, pedestrians and media gathered outside the TIFF Bell Lightbox for Secret Tease. In a matter of minutes upon arrival, the mystery was solved; SKYY Vodka was kicking off TIFF 2011 with a surprise stunt.

Sexy dancers, oversized martini glasses and sky high acrobatics! A flash mob of sexy dancers kicked off the event before an aerialist performed a routine in an oversized martini glass suspended over 35ft in the air. A spectacle of such grandeur is never complete without fireworks - and there were plenty!

If that wasn't enough excitement, SKYY also hosted a pop-up party with a glowing SKYY bar, a sexy model perched inside a giant martini glass and (of course) plenty of SKYY Vodka's specialty festival cocktails named for visiting Hollywood A-listers: the Lively Temptress (Blake Lively), Feelin’ Fiennes (Ralph Fiennes) and Wilde Ginger (Olivia Wilde).

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