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Whats your bra size?

Finding the right bra can seem like the most arduous task. “It’s estimated that up to 80% of us wear the wrong bra size,” says Eva Gyarmathy, Apparel Manager, New Balance, Canada. The right bra size can eliminate problems with posture, back pain and discomfort.

I figured there is a good chance(an 80% chance!) that I might be wearing the wrong bra size so I decided to go on a bra hunt. These are my findings…

There are many different bras for different purposes; t-shirt bras, padded bras, unpadded bras, push-up bras, cotton bras, lace bras, etc. The list could go on forever. The first step is to get yourself fitted. Most bra retailers do bra fittings, and in Toronto there are also many specialty stores that offer by appointment fittings.

One of the first names that comes to mind when you think of bras is
La Senza. They offer a variety of bras at an affordable price point. The thing I love about their bras is the versatility. Many of their bras have convertible straps and can be worn in a variety of ways. Their Beyond Cleavage bra and ITEC bra are my go-to’s when I need that extra lift(in both spirits and in bust).

If you hate the feeling of defeat after a day of bra shopping because you couldn't find the right bra then
Secrets from your Sister is your store. You get one on one time with a fitter who sticks with you until you find the right bra(defeat-free!). Another specialty retailer that carries a wide range of bra sizes is Change. They offer five private label brands(in sizes 28-44, A-J): Change, Charade, Chic, Change Basic and Change Sport. If you're afraid of breaking the bank, give Change a try, you can easily get 2-3 bras for less then $100.

Another smart investment is a good sports bra. La Senza Spirit, Secrets from your Sister(Shock Absorber, pictured left is available at Secrets from your Sister) and Change all offer sports bras to suit your athletic needs. You can also get sports bras from sports retailers such as Nike, Lululemon and New Balance. A good sports bra should hold you in place firmly but should still be comfortable.

If your bras feel uncomfortable, ride up, are digging into your shoulders or back, aren’t supporting you or are giving you a uni-boob you should probably drop by one of these stores to get yourself fitted - it's free and only takes a minute of your time!

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