Caroline Neron S/S12 Jewellery Show

They say all that glitters is not gold, and Montreal singer/actress turned designer Caroline Neron showed us that the saying holds true with her line of jewellery shown at LG Fashion Week for the first time.

Going off the theme of three goddesses representing the different elements of earth, water and air. The show started off with a hauntingly ethereal vocal performance as models elegantly glided down the runway, draped in swarvoski tear drop crystals, cascading gem stones and semi-precious stones only covered by nude bodysuits, sheer capes and bathing suits.

Neron represented the elements through the use of the symbolic colours often associated with these 3 aspects, The dark hues of tiger’s eye and the sheen from golden shadow crystals to represent earth, Light blue and translucent blue gems and teardrop swarvoski crystals representing water, Grey pearls and crystals with light green hues were in place to represent air.

Moving from haunting vocals to live tribal drumming, Neron combined live music and fashion for a stunning visual impact that had the audience applauding and cheering as Caroline took her final walk down the runway with her models. This talented Canadian designer has already made her mark on Montreal Fashion Week, and Toronto was just one more step in bringing her sexy and feminine jewellery to the masses.

For more information on Caroline Neron visit and for information on the jewllery line including Neron Homme for men be sure to look at

Photography by: Crila Photo

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