TIFF- RockIt Promo's TasteMakers Lounge

Rock-it Promo did not just call their lounge TasteMakers for nothing. Catering to the A-Listers (and some lucky media) in town for TIFF, the girls at Rock-it had put together an incredible experience of brands and products ranging from beauty and skin care, new board games from Mattel and an assortment of other high quality products all worthy of celebrities such as Ksenia Solo and Chris Cornell.

We had a great time getting to experience all the excitement of TIFF with the wonderful ladies at RockIt, they certainly know how to keep the visiting stars lavished and comfortable.

With the built in filter, the new water bottles from Bobble are perfect for the celebs to get their clean water on the go
photography: Central Image Agency

Smooth and tighten your skin without the botox or needles with the Celebrity worthy OkraPeptide from Indeed Labs
Photography: Central Image Agency

The lovely ladies of WesCan Optical were there showing some of the newest and stylish frames
(They even helped me find the perfect pair to suit my face!)

The talented Aisling Loftus (Death of a Superhero) stops by Pandora and makes herself a beautiful custom bracelet
Photography: Central Imaging Agency

Georgina Reilly swings by the Mattel booth, We both picked out Bezzerwizzer! An awesome new trivia game
Photography: Central Image Agency

Delivering crisp sound reminiscent of a concert in your head, Clarity One headphones were on hand to please even the most hardcore A-List audiophiles

Conair was on hand to style the hair of the visiting celebs. I even got a few pointers on how to deal with my troublesome curly hair.

Big taste and low calories, Pop chips were a staple at the TasteMakers Lounge. I'm glad the girls talked me into trying some because all I can say is Best.Chips.Ever
Photography: Central Image Agency

Sharpies aren't just for snagging your favourite stars autograph. Featured artist Jessie Armand hung around and designed this helmet and bike using only Sharpie markers

Perfect for the Canadian winters these hats from Nathaniel Cole by Crowncap are just as warm and comfy as they look. You'll forget winter was supposed to be cold when you are in one of these.

Taking a break from helping her Succubus partner Bo on Lost Girl, Ksenia Solo stops by the TasteMakers Lounge to check out the new Mavi Gold line.
Photography: Central Image Agency

Tattiawana Jones (Flashpoint) made a stop by the lounge and snagged herself some silk pillow cases from Clique s.ilk fit for a star.
Photography: Central Image Agency

Everyone loves bacon, even Lee Rumohr had to try some of PC's new Black Label Bacon Marmalade. Not a bacon fan? Try the new sweet chipotle mustard or hickory smoke extra-virgin olive oil
Photography: Central Image Agency

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  1. Lov'n all my PC products from the Taste Makers Lounge. Almost finished my Smoked Olive Oil, so good and amazing to cook with :-))

    Thank You PC

    Lee Rumohr