Pass the Courvoisier, s'il vous plaît!

Courvoiser has joined the league of spirits that declares the age of the spirit on the bottle, and has become the first of four major cognac brands by stating its 12 year & 21 year fine cognac. To celebrate, the Toronto Moda team was invited to celebrate the new Courvoisier Connoisseur Collection at the cozy and intimate BarChef lounge.

What I find extremely helpful with tasting any type of complex spirits or wines, is when you can pick up the scent notes which help you appreciate and understand the drink. I was lucky to get away with this cool scent kit train your nose. The smells were complex, i.e. candied orange, gingerbread cookies - but once you get it, you think 'of course!'.

I've been using the kit to test the scent notes on my friends and apparently "pina colada" and "mom's perfume" can smell like dried plum.

I know several friends and family who are passionate about cognacs, whereas I find cognacs intimidating. When I host parties, BBQ's, and girl's night ins I love to make a punch or cocktail in addition to all the beer, wine, and shot s- and you can make an awesome spritzer with cognacs.

I Googled this recipe online, a perfect Ode to the Summer :(

2 parts cranberry juice
3 parts Courvoisier Exclusif
1.5 parts berry liqueur
Rosé wine
Orange slice
Fresh mint 

Fill the punch bowl halfway with ice cubs, add orange slices & fresh strawberries. Add the cranberry juice, Courvoisier Exclusif and berry liquer and mix well. Top up with Rosé wine. Serve in a small tumbler with an orange slice, fresh strawberry and fresh mint.

Try it!

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