Making A Comeback?

"The clever folks at EMU Australia have created a way to make your favourite sheepskin styles Water Resistant, straight out of the box!

EMU’s innovative design team have spent years developing this advancement so that EMU sheepskin boots remain at the top of its class. Being Water Resistant means your sheepskin boots will be protected from potential water damage, surface moisture and nasty stains, which can leave sheepskin boots looking less than their best.
EMU Australia is one of the only premium sheepskin boot companies in the world to offer Water Resistant and Stain Resistant technology straight out of the box. EMU have conducted in-depth testing to perfect this technology and have performed comparative tests against competitors.

EMU’s new Water Resistant boots will feature a special EMU Australia Water Resistant swing tag.
EMU Australia uses only grade A quality Australian Border Leicester / Merino Cross sheepskin in the construction of its sheepskin boots. The Water Resistant properties are embedded into the sheepskin during the tanning process, which means it lasts much longer than any water resistant spray."

Great for the Canadian weather, these boot might just be the must have's this season.... Maybe.

Just Sayin.

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