The Courvoisier Collective and Gallery 1313: Local Talent Discovered

Toronto Moda was invited to the Gallery Award Exhibition at Gallery 1313 (1313 Queen St. W) to enjoy Courvoisier sponsored drinks, delicious appetizers, and to revel in the creations of our local talent united by the competition’s theme of the renewal of art’s power.
The Courvoisier Collective is an undertaking which aims to integrate the local art community by bringing it out of the galleries and back to the streets. The winners of the Courvoisier contest were provided an outdoor, urban-showcase and gallery exhibition and generous cash prizes. For the month of August 2011, winning artwork is being displayed on high-traffic billboards and PATH posters throughout Toronto. Before even hearing about this contest, my attention was captured by one of the winning pieces “In Bruges I” on a PATH poster; proof that this truly is good exposure for young artists and a welcome change from the bombardment of pedestrian ads that usually greet us in the city.
In Bruges I
I also really enjoyed the fact that this collective employs a manifesto, much like movements of times past such as Surrealism, Dadaism and Futurism. To quote from it:
Today, after a century of artistic revolts and ventures to unite art with everyday life, artistic creation seems more unapproachable than it was at the dawn of the avant-garde. It has become the subject of professional specialization, private collectorship, or remain secluded in the struggle of the artist.
The main concern here is that art has lost its revolutionary quality and is enjoyed by a select few instead of being an integral part of our society. We most certainly have no lack of social and political problems in this world, coupled with constantly evolving technology and an over-abundance of consumerist choice. Though there are both pros and cons to a technologically advanced culture, artists and designers alike in Toronto seem to have a bit of a roadblock when it comes to getting paid a livable wage. Toronto is constantly trying to establish her art and design community, and the Courvoisier Collective is a hopeful step forward.
Inside Caravaggio's Brain

15 artists were chosen by a curatorial committee and 3 were chosen by the public based on the category of best exemplified revolutionary quality . Some of my personal favorites were Inside Caravaggio’s Brain by Remus Moldovan (, Three Thousand Years by Saba Askary (, Stratigraphic Plate 1 by Pat Stanley ( and the aforementioned In Bruges 1 by Hyein Lee (

The exhibition is open until September 4th at Gallery 1313: 1313 Queen Street West
Stratigraphic Plate 1
Three Thousand Years

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