Cinco De Mayo - Ladies Night In

Every once in awhile, we need to get together with our closest girls to catch-up with our dating stories, relationships, celebrities, politics, work, family, philosophize about what’s wrong with the world, and harmlessly gossip ;). I decided to host a Mexican-themed evening with twelve lady friends & family as a tribute to the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Also known as May the 5th.
To set the atmosphere I brought out my BRIGHT red blanket, downloaded Bachata, Merengue, & Salsa on my iPod, put out colourful cocktail glasses, and a bright table cloth (cut in two since I have a small condo and used my breakfast bar & footstool for serving space.

For snacks I had a homemade guacamole with nachos, salsa, sour cream, and salso con queso. For the main entree I made authentic Chimichangas & Mexican rice. Deeelish!
Now we all know it’s the drinks that help create the mood, loosen people up, and are the main ingredient to any ladies night. Staying true to the Mexicanos the drink list was obviously Sauza Tequila & Coronas! The one rule was everyone had to have a Sauza Sin shot (Sauza gold, orange, cinammon sugar) as soon as they walked through the door. The second was a margarita (Sauza-rita) which is VERY easy and yummy to make: 1 can frozen limeade (use the same can to measure out the rest of the ingrediants), ½ can water, ½ can ice, 1 bottle light beer, 1 can Sauza Silver tequila - rimmed with salt. After the margaritas were finished , Classic tequila shots went around for the brave women (Sauza Silver tequila, lemon wedge , salt). I must admit after trying out the Sauza Sin shot and making my own margaritas I have a new found respect for tequila. For more tequila inspired recipes click here.

Didn’t have enough time to take photo’s since I was busy hosting and serving drinks & food- my laptop on one side and the ingredients on the other . I do have this fuzzy group photo from an un-cool phone with a camera... Yes, there are people who don’t have smartphones.

Saludos a mis amigos! Salir y comprar un poco de tequila Sauza y tener una noche de damas en!

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