@v1winery hosts World Malbec Day in Toronto

Attention soon-to-be wine connoisseurs: April 17th, 2011 was the first annual World Malbec Day. Malbec is a variety of grape (orignally from France) that was able to flourish in Argentina based on climate, soil, altitude etc. Malbec quickly became a symbolic part of the Argentinian culture.
Vintage One Winery - an urban winery in Toronto - hosted the World Malbec Day celebration. The celebration included Argentian food, music, dance... and of course wine. Alejandra De Miguel, Owner and Winemaker at Vintage One traveled to Mendoza, Argentina prior to the event to meet and work with the winemaking team at Trapiche Winery. The collaboration resulted in preparing the crush for this years' Malbec Day to be ready to serve at the 2012 World Malbec Day.

Do you spy a couple bloggers posing in the oenophile-inspired backdrop?

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  1. Where did you find those photos! HILARIOUS!