Joe Fresh F/W 2011

The Joe Fresh presentation at LGFW was filled to capacity, but unlike the not-so-lucky latecomers, the team at Toronto Moda was fortunate enough(and fast enough) to grab a seat.

What I love about Joe Fresh is the fact that it is incredibly marketable and quite in tune with the trends. Although I have my qualms with Toronto Fashion week, Joe Fresh was pleasing enough for what it is. After a seemingly endless winter, it was refreshing to see such a vibrant colour scheme. I think the Joe Fresh Team hit this one right on the nose; I foresee undiluted, vibrant orange as a staple in every fashion-lover’s wardrobe this summer, offset with neutrals and accented by statement jewelry. The crisp white button-downs, gold pseudo-brogues and offset style lines (notably the giant diagonal darts prevalent in many a skirt) were prime examples of how clever simplicity never fails to please. I do wish, however, that Mr. Mimran would create a more exclusive collection which employs the use of higher quality fabrics. I would love to see the aesthetic demonstrated in this show with investment pieces for the more fabric and quality conscious consumer.

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