Let It Rain, Let It Rain!

Spring has arrived, and unfortunately the April showers came prematurely. This season, I am prepared, no more frantically searching for my faded, old broken umbrella, I have my Fulton. When I heard that her Majesty The Queen of England and the Queen Mom being a fan of Fulton umbrellas, I was shocked and surprised, why, Fulton is the official brand for the British Royal Family, who knew?

I got my hands on a Fulton, the Kensington-2 London Scene umbrella (top picture). I may not be considered royal, but I can be stylish this rainy season. I am excited to bring it out and show off my fancy umbrella, so yes, you heard right, I did say, let it rain, let it rain. You too can enjoy the rain, Fulton umbrellas are available and reasonably price starting from $15.00.

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