SilkPeel - Radiant Glow in 30 Minutes

With the holidays over, it's time for the new year resolutions. The goal this year is the same as the goal every year, to look our best. That could mean 10lbs lighter, better body and maybe better skin.

The last thing we want is to fall into a rut. I kick started my year with a SilkPeel treatment.

We've all heard of microdermabrasion and many have tried it but if you know anything about it, it tends to leave skin red and sensitive after the procedure. SilkPeel uses a similar procedures minus the irritation. SilkPeel exfoliates with "wet abrasion", which withdraws toxins while infusing our skin with vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants. Skin feels smooth and the fine lines are diminished, resulting in a visible radiant glow.

I have the same effect after a hot yoga session. Hot yoga requires 90 minutes of an intensive work out in an excruciatingly hot temperature, but at the end of it my skin is beaming because all the skin's toxins are sweated out. My goal is to continue both and wait for the results. At the moment, my skin is loving SilkPeel. It isn't something I'm about to give up anytime soon.

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