Sunita‏, NYC

Always a huge fan of small neighbourhood bars, so I had to check Sunita out. The only employee & owner/cleaner/bartender/mixer/host Sunita is a Guyanese-born native with a knack at throwing together mixed cocktails for the LES crowd - she also lives upstairs. Cozy, great music, and famed for it passion fruit purée jalepeno infused vodka martini- sweet, savoury, & spicy on the tastebuds.

This is one of my cousins' FAVOURITE places to go to when feeling for a relaxed, non-douchey, reliably fun vibe. Oh, and if you plan to hang out awhile you might want to pass her your iPod and she might just play your own beats.
Photo credit: Gavin Thomas
106 Norfolk St. (Delancey/Rivington), NYC
Tel: 212-253-8860

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