StriVectin - Scheduled Results

How many times have you purchased a product, used it for a few days and due to lack of results, you then discard it. You may not realize that some products need time before you see the magic.

Patience is required when working with many products. Having a timeline with the result indicator helps us prepare for the product to understand the results.  StriVectin realized that this is the case when they conducted their research. and the solution of labeling their products to reveal the timeline for the result of using the product help the customer to realize that being patient will reap the reward.

StriVectin conducted their research under rigorous scientific standards, proven and documented in years of clinical trials. They know the only result we are interested in is that of anti-aging, healthy-looking and younger-looking skin, and the result that the our skin gets better over time.

For the StriVectin-SD, Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles, on the front of the box, it lists the results of the 2 week mark, then 4 weeks and finally the final results of using this product on week 8. The wait is worth the result.

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