Looking good isn't just for women anymore...

We've all heard about Spanx, and chances are we might own a pair or two. But times have changed and men want to look good too, so why can't they?

Compression undergarments used for sports or exercising are not comfortable for everyday wear and are rarely worn outside the sports arena. That's because the materials used don't have the moisture control necessary to be worn off the field.

But as I said, times have changed, now, we have Equmen. Forget about the plain ol' cotton undershirt, this is much more advanced; it will change the way men look and think of undergarments. Today's men lives busy and active lives. He works hard and plays hard, cares about his health and is confident to face the world.

Equmen compressed garments wick moisture away from the body and manage odour, while targeted vents maximize breathability to maintain an ideal body temperature, providing comfort on and off the sports arena.

Equmen garments improves poor circulation. The patented Helix-Mapping system promotes blood flow, accelerating healing, improving muscle oxygen and helps with muscle recovery by reducing their risk of soreness and injury from strenuous exercise. Core stability is vital for all athletes to perform at their peak. The many benefits of using Equmen includes better posture, which in turn can give one more confidence. With better posture, it can eliminate back pain.

This compressed undergarment is not just for sports anymore. The comfortable items will take you from the boardroom to the playing field without missing a beat.

The Core Precision undershirt, T-shirt and underwear line is available nationwide at all Holt Renfrew locations. They retail from $52-$60 for the briefs and trucks and $89-$129 for the Core Precision undershirt. Visit http://www.equmen.com/ for a retailer near you or to purchase online.

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