Two Great Coffee Table Reads

Entertaining for the holidays? Even if you aren't, we found two interesting coffee table reads.

We couldn't have picked two books more dissimilar. One enlightens us on climate change tactics, while the other offers drink recipes and a "how to" for a 1960's do.

Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit:  Ten Clean Technologies to Save Our World, is an inspiring book written by green entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author Tom Rand. If the photos alone are not stunning enough, Rand explains the development and adoption of clean technologies to make our planet greener. To top it off, Rand just opened his latest initiative, Planet Traveler, a fully geo-thermally heated and cooled building, which reduces the building's energy consumption by 75 per cent. Rand clearly practices what he preaches.

If a hardcover isn't what you're looking for, we found something on the other end of the spectrum; Mad Men, The Illustrated World by Dyna Moe. Many of us have caught on to the Mad Men phenomenon, myself included. This book let's us relive the 1960's with some playful visuals. Complete with hangover remedies, a quick note on fashion & beauty, make up tips,  a "how to do the Charleston" section and of course, a page dedicated to a Joan Harris paper doll.

Grabbing one is easy, but if both are noticed on your coffee table, they will definitely be a conversation starter.

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