After much anticipation, a night of fashion and trend insight with WGSN, an industry resource for trend analysis and news service for the fashion and style industries, commences. It always entertains me when people tell me that they don't follow fashion - unless you live life naked, I hate to break it to you, but you're a follower.

Fashion trends are cyclical, what is old is eventually new again. It is just a matter of a few minor tweaks and good timing. Carly Stojsic, a market editor for WGSN, explains the upcoming fashion trends for Autumn and Winter of 2011. I'm not going to ruin all the fun, or divulge in all of the finer details but I will name a few looks that will be ever present in the near future. For the ladies, we will see pastoral romance, modern resort, 70's inspired looks, active utility and a little bit of rock. For the gents, it will be global traveler, Mediterranean resort and youth tribes.

Aside from the fashion trends, there are also consumer trends. As a consumer, what do you want? Technology is becoming ubiquitous, if it isn't already. With constant movement and mobile connectivity, it influences the way we think. However, with this online resurgence, consumers still want the tangible quality of a store rather than just an online experience. Part of it is the ability to touch and feel, the other aspect is the shopping experience. Couches are great in stores, but what about swings, or better yet, a slide? (I think I just channeled the eight year old in me)

WGSN left us with four simple rules to follow(for retailers):

Rule 1: Does it make their hearts beat faster?
Rule 2: Are you a smart communicator? (does it make them smile?:)
Rule 3: Have a soul (more then just a product offer)
Rule 4: Look to the future (combine the product/store and online component)

I think these are all valid points and many reign true. Sometimes, all it takes is a clever line to get me to go into the store and if I have a positive experience, I am more likely to return. What do you think about these rules and do any retailers stick out from the rest? I am curious to hear your thoughts :)

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  1. I agree what is old is new again. Many don't realize that trends dictate our decision and style. I follow the trend, but I have my own style and it works for me.