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“One in four Facebook users use the social network to flirt with someone other than their current partner, while another one in four use it to snoop on partners who might be flirting. More shocking, one in four do not list their true relationship status.

Men's Health.com today announced the results of a Facebook survey that reveal how the world’s most popular social website has helped people unleash their friskier side. Since the feature film about the origin of Facebook, “The Social Network,” is hitting theaters this weekend, Men's Health.com dug deeper into the habits of users. The results are in.

Men's Health.com’s survey of nearly 3,000 people—1,329 men and 1,523 women—exposes how Facebook has changed relationships, fidelity, disclosure and good old-fashioned flirting. In addition to connecting with family and friends, people are using Facebook to monitor their partner’s activity, check-up on their exes, pick up new lovers and cheat on their current ones. Among the most shocking findings: 
  • 69% of people say they’ve used Facebook to flirt
  • 24% of Facebook-flirters use the social network to flirt with someone other than their current partner
  • 25% of surveyed people have hacked into their significant other’s Facebook account to snoop
  • 59% of people say they’ve become jealous over their partner’s interactions with someone else on Facebook
  • 85% of surveyed people have looked up an ex on Facebook
  • 24% of surveyed people said they don’t list their true relationship status
  • 32% of women surveyed have tried to reconnect with an ex on Facebook; 16% of those women were in a relationship with someone else at the time” (Men’s Health, Coburn Communication)
Now this may not be so shocking to some people, as the younger generation has grown up in a society to which privacy and scandal has become a normal part of every day life. To know what friends, family, and strangers are doing at all times keeps us in the loop and in a way allows them to stay one step ahead of the game.

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