Philip Sparks Isn't Just a Name in Menswear

Thursday Oct 13th marked the official preview of Philip Sparks Spring 2011 at the Burroughs Building in the Queen West Fashion District. Philip Sparks Tailored Goods Inc. was founded three years ago and specializes in menswear and shoes. The twist of this presentation was the inclusion of womenswear pieces. The models wore delicately tailored clothing with a true spring feel - greys, blues, and sunny yellows mixed with denim and khacki. Instead of opting for just a typical runway show, Sparks decided add in another component. Models stood on wooden crates to showcase the pieces in between their brief runway walk.

Preppy was the name of the game with sharp tailoring and slim silhouettes.

The womenswear did not disappoint. The sharp tailoring translated perfectly. Sparks paired a few looks with vintage umbrellas for a springy-feel.

Judging by the look of his womenswear pieces; the prints, silhouettes and design, you would have no idea this was his first womenswear line.

The 21 looks stayed true to the brand's vintage but modern casual wear. Now the ladies have more to thank Mr. Sparks for - other than keeping their men looking crisp!

Photos by Robert Okine

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