CoolSculpting by Zeltiq® (Part IV) - Treatment Day

What a day! After a rainy morning of running around to finalize my workload, I head over to Dr. Born's ( office for my CoolSculpitng by Zeltiq® (  treatment. Where after freezing away my fat cells, I will be rid of my mommy tummy. The freezing causes the fat cells to crystalize and therefore are destroyed, before my liver eliminates it from my body. The result, 20% less fat in the area.

I entered into Dr. Born's waiting area and Virginia, one of Dr. Born's staff, instantly greeted me and advised that the representative from CoolSculpting by Zeltiq® is on site and is setting up the machine for my treatment. Virgina introduced met to Lori, the Zeltiq® representative. Lori showed me the machine and the cup with the freezing plates that are used. She then walked me through the process. 

Before the treatment, photos are taken so that I have a before and after picture to compare the difference in a few months. My target area is the lower abdomen, just below the belly for a total of 4 inches of fat. This treatment takes an hour. It started with a cool gel pad placed over the target area. This gel pad forms a barrier on the skin to protect it from the freezing plates.

Dr. Born's staff was ready with blankets and hot tea, to keep me warm and comfy - such pampering, I am not used to the attention, but I am loving it! Once I settled into the chair, Lori starts the machine, it immediately grabs my fat and sucks it into the cup, I feel a slight pinching sensation but not cold at all. Lori stayed with me and kept me company during the treatment. At half an hour, the "massage" indicator is on, this process is a feeling closer to a tapping sensation rather than a massage. Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Born's staff and Lori asked if I felt cold or if I needed anything. The funny thing was, I did not feel cold, but did feel a chill from the inside out. Lori advised that this seemed to be a good thing, maybe due to the fact that I am a relaxed and comfortable patient.

The hour is up and the machine is off, the area treated is red, cold and numb to the touch, (Uuggg!!),  I was advised that this will dissipate gradually within the next few hours.

Done! Talk about fabulous; no down time and I need to finish off a couple more errands. I thanked everyone and was on my way. I continued about my day and forgot all about my abdomen until I was getting ready for bed. I looked at it closely and it looked no different than before the treatment, not to mention, the numbness was gone. No one the wiser.

Now, it is the waiting game. How long will it take before I see results?

My Mommy Tummy
Day 1 - Treatment day, red and numb, gone by end of day
Day 2 - No pain
Day 3 - No pain, but felt a bit of tender
Day 4 - No pain, noticed a little bruising, just slightly
Day 5 - No pain. bruising dissipated

Lori told me that it is a graduated process and I will see result in approximately eight weeks (2 months) and will continue for another two to four months,  be patient, she said. Me patient? obviiously she doesn't know me, but then again, do I have any other choice?

I am crossing my fingers that all goes well. Make sure you stay tune and check back mid-November for my result.

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