Dr. Marten's - Flagship Store

391 Queen Street West, right in the hub of hip trendy culture, Dr. Marten's flagship store opened its doors in August 2010. The store is filled with every possible style of Dr. Marten shoes and boots. It has been five decades since Dr. Marten provided the postmen, policemen and construction workers their reliable footwear. Today, they are ready to provide the reliable footwear for everyone.

The store is lined with shoes and boots from top to bottom, end to end and how can you miss the bright yellow, a bit of sunshine for those gloomy days. The piano definitely stands out, just in front of the cash register, and even though I don't play, I still wanted to go over and hit a few keys, very inviting.

The store carries all the classic as well as their 50th Anniversary collection. The holiday collection will arrive on October 15th, so make your way to the store and check out their new collections. You might be surprised at how Dr. Marten has evolved from their classic footwear of their earlier days.

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