MOON - Only at The Bay

On August 12th, Leigh Lezar of the Misshapes, rocked Liberty Village with the launch of MOON, The Bay's new clothing line.

MOON is calibrated by Saul Mimran who is  president of the Mimran Group, a powerhouse behind the Alfred Sung line, PURE, and also the brother of Joe Mimran of Joe Fresh - did someone say sibling rivalry?

The Bay has always been a staple for quality clothing for Canadian women. Now, with the launch of MOON, it brings a new fresh take on style and allows Canadian women the affordability for quality, classic style. Price points are more than affordable and range between $19 to $79, and outerwear is priced up to $139. 

This fall, MOON introduced an interesting material combination set against a monochromatic dominant palette of shaded neutrals in black, cream, grey, which are accentuated by seasonal tones of chocolate, taupe, jade, aubergine and pink - many choices to choose from.

Not to be left out, menswear is also on the agenda, look for it in 2011.

In the meantime, MOON is available exclusively at The Bay nationwide, make sure you make your way to a store and check out the clean, beautiful classic, well priced pieces.

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  1. The MOON brand has some super cheap prices, and I have officially fallen in love with their outerwear!