Vaseline-Aloe Fresh

Summer weather is here, even though it doesn't officially start until June 21st.

A few years ago, while enjoying the scorching sun in Venezuela, I had a nasty burn and nothing I tried eased the pain. The aloe vera plant was abundant at our resort. My husband suggested that we take some and try it. I broke off a stem and the jelly came gushing out. I immediately applied it to my skin and the soothing feeling was indescribable. Within a day or so, my pain was gone. Since then, Aloe become one of my favour plants - to the point where I have a few around the house, just in case.

But I do want to keep my skin fresh and moisturized so I turned to a lightweight formula, Vaseline® Aloe Fresh Body Lotion with aloe and cucumber extracts. It is a non-sticky moisturizer that refreshes and helps to protect your skin from dryness.

I don't want to put on anything that feels heavy or greasy, especially during the summer months and it is good to know that Vaseline® Aloe Fresh Body Lotion goes on smooth, leaving the skin with a fresh, light protected feeling and the SPF 15 is added protection.

Vaseline also came out with Vaseline® Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Lotion, just in time to quench your skins during the hot dry summer months.

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