Quick Tips!

When I get together with friends, they always ask how I get my hair so shiny and how I constantly complain that I'm tired when I don't have bags around my eyes. There are tons of little tips and tricks to make you appear more alive than you really are...especially on early mornings or days where you lack sleep. 

I decided to stop hogging it all and share some of my secrets with you! In no particular order..here goes:

Puffy eyes? Grab two spoons and put them in your eye sockets, if you have time throw them in the fridge so that they're extra cool but they will still work at room temperature. The cool metal will relax and eliminate any bags and puffiness.

No time for a shower? Grab baby powder and a big make-up brush and powder your roots. The baby powder will soak up all the excess oil and it even adds extra volume!

Fly aways? Hair spray and a kabuki brush(pictured left) or clear mascara. Just spray the kabuki brush with hair spray and pat down the stray hairs. You can also tame them with clear mascara. 

Super shiny hair? Mayonnaise - no I'm not crazy. Mayo is a great conditioner so leave it in for about 10 minute so that your locks can soak it all up then shampoo and go.

Bed head? A silk pillowcase may be a bit more expensive than the traditional cotton but hair won't get tangled and caught while you sleep so you'll wake up with hair that is near perfect!

That's all for now...I can't divulge it all in one session. Keep an eye out for more quick and easy beauty secrets!

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