How to Stay Dry when The Heat is High

Spring has sprung and the summer is quickly approaching. With the warmer weather, we need better protection – underarm protection that is. All of these will fight odour and wetness for 24 hours but what makes one different than the next?

Nivea Energy Breeze gives us that extra boost of vitality to attack our day with vigour. Wetness is regulated with lemongrass, while avocado extract keeps skin soft and smooth. $4.39, available at food, drug and mass retailers.

Degree Women Natureffects has fragrances that pay homage to mother nature. Tea tree oil refreshes the senses, orange flower is a natural deodorizer and honeysuckle has natural antibacterial properties. $4.49, available at food, drug and mass retailers.

Dove Clinical Protection Visibly Smooth follows suit in the Dove family with 1/4 moisturizer. It hydrates and cares for delicate under arm skin. The clear formula also prevents unsightly white streaks on clothing. $9.99, available at food, drug and mass retailers.


Secret Clinical Sport has movement activated protection with odour-fighting capsules that absorb odour and wetness all day. This formula has 20% aluminim zirconium trichlorohydrex GLY, the maximum percentage allowed without a prescription. The Result: underarm effectiveness is maximized while wetness is minimized. $9.99, available at food, drug and mass retailers.

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