Granger's G-Max, the Odour Elminator

Summer is just around the corner and sandals are on the radar! We have been covering up our feet the whole winter, now it's time to let your feet air out. If you have issues of foot odour, there is help - the NEW Granger's G-Max Odour Eliminator. Don’t Just Cover Up Shoe and Sandal Odour....Eliminate It!

Make this summer a little fresher with NEW Granger’s G-Max Odour Eliminator and stop alienating friends, family and co-workers with smelly shoes, runners and sandals. Granger’s G-Max Odour Eliminator doesn’t just cover up the smell of offensive footwear, it gets rid of it. Thank god!

It is effective for all types of shoes, such as runners, hiking boots, and summer footwear – especially sandals. It doesn’t just mask the odour, but kills odour causing bacteria and absorbs the oils that bacteria feed on and prevents the return of bacterial growth that can sometimes lead to foot sores and athlete’s foot.

Spray Granger’s G-Max Odour Eliminator directly into footwear to quickly eliminate odours:

1. Remove insoles if possible, shake bottle and spray top and bottom surface of insole.
2. Hold footwear upside down and insert spray nozzle, spraying evenly into footwear For sandals cover surface area completely with Granger’s G-Max Odour Eliminator.
3. Allow footwear to dry completely before wearing.

Select Granger’s products are available at Mountain Equipment CO-OP, Coast Mountain Sports, 60 ml spray is priced at $7.95

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