Let's Celebrate Our Earth

Earth Day - April 22 2010

An environmental and global initiative comes to life tomorrow. Earth Day is celebrated worldwide with goals to raise awareness on environmental pollution and how/what each person can do to make their mark. In the beauty world, there are many ways to go ‘green’. You can opt for naturally-derived ingredients that are chemical free, go for products with eco-friendly packaging or go with products that are recyclable.

For beauty essentials(both his and hers) that are naturally derived, try Kiehl’s. Their products contain ingredients such as avocado, aloe vera, sugar, shea butter and coconut oil. So forget those formulas with ingredients that are 8 syllables long and could be confused for a  foreign tongue - make life easier by simplifying. Not to mention, on Earth Day, they are unveiling Limited Edition bottles of the Açaí Damage-Protecting Toning Mist(pictured right) that are designed by socially conscious influencers – actress Julianne Moore, artist Jeff Koons and musician Pharrell Williams. Did I mention that
100% of net proceeds will go to the Rainforest Alliance? Talk about a guilt-free purchase!

Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging is becoming more dominant on the beauty counters. Some of Aveda’s jars for instance are made of recycled materials. Mac Cosmetics also has a recycling program, where if you bring in 6 containers, whether it be for lipliner, a compact or mascara, you get a free lipstick!

Beauty initiatives are on the rise, and these are just a few ideas. If you aren’t a beauty fanatic, as if, below are a few non-beauty Earth Day ideas.

We all use notebooks or give cards on special occasions. Plantable paper is the obvious choice on Earth Day. Botantical Paperworks has just the thing! Made from 100% post-consumer waste with seeds embedded into the paper, these cards or notebooks won’t be tossed away once you’re done with them.

For the coffee drinkers out there, Second Cup is offering $3 off one pound of Cuzco coffee beans. These beans are from organic fair trade farms in Peru and delivers a full bodied, exotic, nutty flavour with rich dark chocolate notes.

You might only be one person, but if we all pitch in, we can all make a difference.

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