Canine & Feline

Cats and dogs usually are not on my writing radar, but when I was offered the opportunity to be educated on pet nutrition, I thought why not? Many of us out there have little furry companions, so why not learn about nutrition for them.

I have a kitty, a Russian Blue to be exact. I wanted to supply the best care for him so that he will live a long, happy and healthy life, healthy being the key word. Hills Pet Nutrition provided some insight I needed to make an informed decision to buy the right food for my cat.

There is no one size fits all, so do your homework and research the correct type for your pet. The Science Diet lineup includes formulas precisely balanced for the nutritional needs of cats and dogs at a variety of life stages and with different dietary considerations.

I was surprised to learn that many pet owners compare prices, but not ingredient and nutrition value that goes into the pet food of their choice. We need to become an educated consumer for the sake of our pets’ health for years to come.

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