Tag Heuer

“NEW YORK (Spring 2010) Every story starts with a man and a passion. For Edouard Heuer, it was the story of speed, the race to catch time, to master time. From early innovations like the oscillating pinion to contemporary triumphs of materials and engineering, TAG Heuer has spent 150 years in dogged pursuit of excellence. Drawing inspiration from scientists’ progress, artists’ exuberant forms, Tag Heuerand above all, athletes’ steely resolve to always go farther, this book presents a striking visual journey that shows what TAG Heuer is made of.” (ASSOULINE - Press Office)

“ASSOULINE’S stunning new tome is dedicated to Edouard Heuer’s quest to chase time. The sleek volume chronicles his journey from the very beginning, 150 years prior. Organized by year, each page offers a stunning view of a timepiece and its historic counterpart dispersed between vintage photographs of the founding and making of the luxury brand. Whether a debonair 1920’s gentleman dressed in a three-piece suit, top hat, and leather strapped timepiece or the elegant contemporary athlete or actor, the watches are as timeless as what the quantity they measure.
Today, while much in the world may have changed; the essential, elemental nature of mankind’s struggle to master time and to move faster through it remains much as it did when Edouard Heuer embarked on his journey. And, 150 years on, as remarkable men and women continue to compete against each other and against that ultimate adversary, time itself, TAG Heuer remains at their side and on their wrists.” ASSOULINE - Press Office.
It is great to see a wider variety of books coming out for men regarding fashion!! It has been a long time coming for men and fashion. Since the Valentino, Coco Chanel movie, many designers have been trying to land a movie or documentary to show the world.
Men now share a large market in the fashion world, and companies like P&G are already in the process of capturing a lot of that market!
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