Previously, men uses whatever product was available
on the vanity counter, whether it is good for their skin or not.

Times are changing, men want good clean healthy skin, they
know that they need to take are care of their skin just as women
do. Dove, as with their Dove Women Campaign, have launched
their MEN+CARE campaign.

The Dove MEN+CARE campaign is designed to celebrate men
and what men really wants. A study showed that 71% of men in Canada find that they did not relate to the men their age in advertising. Most advertising tells men that if they use product, it will produce a result of being a macho man with incredible authoritative power, but unfortunately most men don't feel they can live up to the hype. Today's men are strong, confident yet can be sensitive, compassionate, which are welcomed and embraced.

According to research conducted by Dove, many men's products are too harsh and drying, which can be misinterpreted as the product working. Women learned early on, the products that produced dry tightness is not a sign of clean. The dry tightness created by the products actually strip away the skin's own moisture. The launch of Dove MEN+CARE will provide men with a new range of cleaning products specially formulated to deliver refreshing, comfortable product and are good for the skin.

Dove MEN+CARE launch various product line to service the need of today's men. The body and face wash as well as body and face bar and an active clean shower tool to complete the line. These
products enhance the cleansing experience for today's active men who are confident and know what they want, the men who are comfort in their own skin.

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