Degree for Women - Natureffects

Wetness protection is required for that crucial unexpected moment.
Even during the winter months, deodorant and anti-perspirant is
also needed. We are in our heavy coats in and out of buildings and
cars, in different controlled environments. We definitely don’t want
any odour and unsightly stains when we take our coats off. We live
in a rushed society, constantly on the go, here and there in a
moment’s notice. Not sure if you know this, but emotions can make
you sweat up to 5 times more than usual. We need to have reliable
products for those unexpected occurrence.

Degree Women Natureffects, a new line of anti-perspirant that offer
women highly effective odour and wetness protection, natural-inspired
scents for a new degree of confidence; just in time for the busy
women on the go. Degree Women Natureffects is responsive in
emotional moments, providing you all day wetness and odour
protection during the vital times when wetness, odour control counts.

Degree Women is infused with nature-inspired scents, clean and fresh
smell protection to fight odour, gives you the confidence you need
even when you are stressed on the inside. Even though the product
is made for women, it does not lack the strength needed, it is strong
enough to provide 24 hour protection against embarrassing odour
and wetness and is now available in a choice of three natural
inspired scents:

1) Honeysuckle and Tea Tree
2) Olive Leaf and Pink Pepper
3) Orange Flower and Cranberry

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