Cupid's Day - February 14th

Why not spoil yourself(or give someone hints) with some sweet Valentine's goodies? Below is our Valentine’s Gift Guide for everyone in the V-day spirit!

Valentine’s day is one filled with passion and desire. Go bold in Mac’s Lady Danger(below left), or opt for the softer shade, Lovelorn(below right). Either way, you’ll have all the boys’ hearts racing. Lipstick, $16.50 each, Mac.

For a subtle touch, opt for a baby pink Brush Kit from Sephora(below). This kit is small enough to take with you anywhere, just throw it in your purse and you’re ready to rock! Brush Kit, $38, Sephora.

This collection is enriched and inspired with different flowers of Japenese trees. Each of these fragrances evokes delicate scent that reverts back to nature. Each bottle is tinted in light shades of violet, rose, saffron and chartreuse and is curved as if swaying in the gentle wind. (from left to right) Eau de Fleur de Plum, Eau de Fleur de Magnolia, Eau de Fleur de Tea, Eau de Fleur de Silk, $60.00 each for 50ml, Kenzo.
Spend the evening together to unwind and relax. Taking a bath is a great way to de-stress and calm your mind. Fruits & Passion’s Apple Illusion Foaming Bath is a gentle, fruity and fragrant delight that is derived from eco-friendly ingredients. Pair that with the Heart-shaped Glycerine Soap, and your skin will be cleansed and lightly scented. Not to mention, the elongated glass bottle and heart-shape are a great aesthetic touch. (from left to right) Apple Illusion Foaming Bath, $28 for 300ml, Heart-shaped Glycerin Soap, $5, both Fruits & Passion.

Gotta have heart! We're dazzling the day with Swarovski. A Golden Teak crystal heart pendadant reflects light and makes a subtle statement with the word LOVE laser-engraved on it, while the clear crystal Kris Bears show affection in the sweetest and most innocent way. (from left to right) Golden Teak Crystal Heart $140, Blowing Kisses Bear, $130, With You Bear, $130, A Heart for You Bear, $130, all Swarovski.

Not sure what to get the boys? You can opt for the typical, a technical gadget of some sort, but why not try a grooming studio? Mankind Grooming Studio For Men is inspired by the traditional barber shop but it also offers skin care and body treatments including massage therapy. It’s a combination of both a spa and barber shop that’s masculine enough for the urban male.

I'll most likely be spending my Valentine's Day pampering myself at a Spa with a friend..What are your plans for this upcoming Valentine's Day?

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